A look back at the 2019 ADMA AgriShow

ADMA Agrishow 2019

The ADMA Agrishow is Zimbabwe’s biggest agricultural show and this year they did not disappoint. It is a one of a kind “Agrishow” in Zimbabwe and attracts a specific target market, the farming community. It took place between 14th and the 16th of June at the Borrowdale Racecourse in Harare, anybody that is somebody in the agri-industry were there. Industry leaders from tractors and equipment, fertilizer and agrochemical companies, seed producers, irrigations specialists and even financial institutions attended a very well organized Agrishow. Farmboek joined hands with the Commercial Farmers Union and ADMA to create some exposure for those institutions that have been loyal supporters of ADMA and the Commercial Farmers Union.  

We would like to thank the following institution and people for making it possible for us to be part of the future of Zimbabwe Agriculture:

  • Ben Gilpen (Commercial Farmers Union)
  • Theo de Jager (World Farmers organization & SAAI)
  • Andre Groenewald (Farmboek)
  • Marco Garizio (ADMA & LOAD Agropower)
  • Chrispen Mununga (Commercial Farmers Union)
  • Andre Groenewald (Farmboek)

The following organization have been supporting ADMA and the Commercial Farmers Union, please take a few minutes out allow them to introduce themselves in the written word and video.

The Agricultural Dealers and Manufacturers Association

The Agricultural Dealers and Manufacturers association of Zimbabwe is a body which promotes and encourages commercial agriculture activities in the interest of the public and its members.  The show is held once a year and this year’s edition was held at Borrowdale race course Harare. The show gives an opportunity for industry players to interact with farmers, enabling farming community to identify and compare products that offer cost saving advantages.

The Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe (CFU)

The Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe (CFU) is an independent and politically neutral membership driven organisation which represents and advances the interests of professional farmers in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa. The CFU draws its membership from primarily large scale and Intensive Commercial Agricultural Producers, but membership is open to all farmers regardless of scale or land holding. The CFU’s main agenda is to promote a stable and competitive agricultural business environment; and to provide advice and support to farmers – covering technical extension service, inputs, marketing aspects, business management, labour relations, and advice with land and compensation issues and so on. We exist to serve our members who are deeply committed to the success of the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.


Seed Co develops and markets certified crop seeds, mainly hybrid maize seed, but also cotton seed, wheat, soya bean, barley, sorghum and ground nut seed. Most of our hybrid and non-hybrid cereals and oil crop seed varieties are proprietary, having been developed and bred at our research stations through market-oriented research and breeding programmes. 

Seed Co articulated the need for farmers to choose the right seed accompanied by good agricultural practices for better yields. Seed Co through working with the Farmer Unions is prepared to take this journey and improve on commercial agriculture,  up lift the lives of the over 475 Million farmers across the globe who farm on less than 2ha and which produce more than 75% of all global food. 


Agricon sells and services farming and construction equipment and stocks a full line of products from Zimbabwean Case IG, Case construction equipment, Sany and KUHN equipment. Smart inclusive climate change policy includes smart agricultural practices with smart implements. African has taken this task hands on such that farmers become competitive whilst increasing their production and productive levels. This alone allows farmers to farm with data driven farm technologies. Food security can be addressed using technologically advances and efficient ways are not put to practice. With its latest advances in technology tractors become more user friendly such that women can easily operate it. At this rate agriculture may be likely to achieve SDG 8 of Decent Work and Economic Growth. Major goal is to increase farmers business through improved knowledge and better services


During the ADMA show Afritractors showcased a variety of multipurpose tractors meant for farm use including tillage, drawing trailers for farm produce amongst others. The fuel consumption is fairly low, with features such as that of being easy to maintain.

Afritractors is Zimbabwe’s sole distributor for Farmtrac, one of the largest tractor factories in the world, based on the previous Ford models.

Afgri Zimbabwe

Afgri Zimbabwe is the sole distributor of John Deere’s tractors and farm equipment looking after the needs of farmers and commercial small-scale countrywide. Zimbabwe is increasingly becoming high tech and the organizations imports various advanced equipment. Farmers are said to improve yields by 25% and save unnecessary over applications in poor soils reducing cost and providing better nutrients supplied.

Matapiri Seed Sales

Matapiri Seed Sales is a potato seed company that offers new and exciting potato seed varieties to the Zimbabwean market. Matapiri Seed Sales is focused on the Zimbabwean market.


The Company began trading in 1896, in Bulawayo as a Bicycle Dealer. In 1911 the Company was appointed as a “Dealer” for Ford Motor Product in what was then Northern and Southern Rhodesia. Ford Motor Company established an assembly plant in Salisbury (now Harare) for the supply of vehicles to Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) and Southern Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe) using the Duly Motors Network in both countries. The assembly plant was taken over by the Industrial Development Corporation when Ford Motor Company withdrew from the Country after the Unilateral Declaration of Independence in 1965. The Plant is the present day Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries.

In 1980, Duly’s re-established ties with the Ford Motor Company, dealing in Motor vehicles, Tractors, Combine Harvesters and other Agricultural equipment. However in the latter part of the 1990’s Ford decided to dispose of its Agricultural operations Worldwide to Fiat of Italy. Locally, Duly’s in turn sold its Agricultural Division to William Bain who represented Fiat.


Founded in February 2016, Bain Agri is a division that carries out contract farming projects on rented farms.The world is always changing. New Holland Agriculture supports the progress through sustainable, efficient and profitable solutions.

In 1980, Duly’s re-established ties with the Ford Motor Company, dealing in Motor vehicles, Tractors, Combine Harvesters and other Agricultural equipment. However in the latter part of the 1990’s Ford decided to dispose of its Agricultural operations Worldwide to Fiat of Italy. Locally, Duly’s in turn sold its Agricultural Division to William Bain who represented Fiat.

Brown Engineering Group

Brown Engineering Group (Pvt) Ltd is a multi-disciplinary engineering company servicing the Agricultural, Mining, Structural, Pipe & Tank and Materials Handling Sectors. The company has a proud history and track record dating back to the 1970’s. Since its inception, the company has operated from Southerton, Harare, Zimbabwe. Brown Engineering Group prides itself on manufacturing a diverse range of innovative, high-quality products, backed up by a prompt and efficient after-sales service. Our brand is a well-known, and trusted, surviving Zimbabwean brand that has years of regional exposure in Southern Africa. We have developed a strong and loyal customer following, and our primary aim is ‘to deliver’ in every sense of the word – hence our slogan, ‘A passion for delivery!’                                                                                                            

LOAD Agropower

LOAD Agropower had its origin in the blacksmith trade, where Harry Schwartz began to perform menial blacksmithithing tasks like fitting hourseshoes under a tree in Granitesite in 1935. The company was taken over by the Garizios in 1982. The main push for the company is to supply cost effective, world class products and we pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions to customers with efficient after sales services to keep machines operational.

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