Vegetable prices rebound while fruits end mixed in last week’s trade

fruit and veg markets trading
  • After posting losses across the board in the week earlier, weekly vegetable prices rebounded with moderate to sharp gains on the back of reduced volumes for most commodities under review. Butternuts, carrots, and tomatoes were however the exception and finished mostly lower under pressure due to the increased volumes across markets. Tomatoes recorded the biggest decline and finished last week down by 18.4% week-on-week (w/w) and 4% year on-year (y/y) at R5.57/kg, while the corresponding volume of sales were almost 6% higher on the week. On the upside, cabbages were the biggest gainers and closed last week up by a whopping 22.5% w/w and just 0.5% higher y/y at R2.62/ kg. The trend in cabbage volumes has been downwards in the past few weeks due to the weather-related production cuts earlier in the year. Last week’s total cabbage volumes on major markets dropped further by 10.4% w/w and 7.3% y/y at 1,494 tons. See table 1 for weekly price and volume trends of other vegetables.
  • In the fruit market, the price trend was mixed with 50% of the commodities tracked posting losses due to lack of demand and pressure from higher volumes. Avocados posted the biggest losses with prices falling by 9.4% w/w but still 38% higher y/y at R12.52/ kg. The corresponding avocado volumes increased by almost 21% w/w but were still 15% lower relative to the 2018 levels. Seasonal supply constraints have kept grape prices on the upside with weekly volumes falling by 33% w/w and 48% y/y. As result, grapes prices rose last week by 57.5% w/w and 62% y/y to settle at a weekly average of R38.21/ kg. See table 2 for further details on other fruit commodities under review.
  • The yearly price trend shows a sticky uptrend across the fruit and vegetable markets with 57% of the commodities under review closing last week moderate to sharply higher relative to the same period last year. Fruit prices have been consistently upwards across most commodities in recent weeks on contraction in seasonal supplies for certain categories.
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